Technique: Spray paint caps on wood

Oliver Ney is a self-taught Parisian artist born in 1982. His work, whose rendering evokes pixelated images, is located at the junction between urban art, Pop culture and contemporary art.

It was at the start of the March 2020 lockdown that Oliver Ney began the artistic project that had been on his mind for a while. Having kept a good number of spray paint caps, he created his first work representing "the Joker". This 3D collage made of multicolored caps received a very good reception from the Graff scene. The world leader in spray paint MTN Colors even devotes an article to it on its site.

Oliver therefore decides to contact his bomb dealers so that they can encourage their customers to bring back their bombs which he will use in the pursuit of his artistic project. Today, he collects hundreds of them every month and gives them a second life through his collages. His influences are Pop culture but also all the symbols that rock his daily life. Oliver Ney is an artist to follow!