Technique: Acrylic

Niko, painter

Nicole Mathieu, also known by the nickname "Niko", was born in Montreal into a family of artists.

Her professional field being, originally, that of the world of fashion, Nicole worked in California and New York. These years linked to design, textiles and the world of entertainment have in no way altered the artist's dearest dream, that of becoming a painter.

Her nomadic character propels her to various places around the world, particularly in Europe, and thus favors several facets of her personality which evolves well in different professional fields. It was upon her return to Montreal in 1988 that she took courses on therapeutic art given by Nicole Bolduc. It was then that his real passion for painting asserted itself and that 1988 marked the beginning of a very promising career.

This passion allows him today to paint on a daily basis in relative stability and a certain comfort, all this without being a discipline but rather a rediscovered balance.

The energy that Niko draws from meditation and yoga is transposed into raw, vibrant and impulsive bursts of color. Moreover, a new trend is emerging from his work, “neonism”, in reference to his bright and lustrous colors.

Media coverage

  • Course, spring 2008 edition, p. 62-64