Technique Mixte

Opake One, painter Opake One is a tag artist based in London, England. Opake One's interest in graffiti developed during his childhood at the age of 13, when he fell in love with the idea of ​​people being able to paint very large formats for free, outdoors. Over the years, the artist has developed a distinct technique that combines references from popular culture and elements of graffiti to create an original and exciting finished product.

The artist's iconography largely results from his interest in traditional tattoo culture. This results in large, raw black lines and large flat areas of bright colors. He mainly developed this passion for a more graphic art when he was an apprentice tattooist. The artist also incorporates themes from the world of Walt Disney, in addition to drawing inspiration from elements of contemporary art. It is among others in the practice of Keith Haring, Banksy and Jeff Koons that he draws his contemporary references. The finished product leaves us with works of vibrant colors that make us dream, from which emanates a sweet feeling of nostalgia.

Using spray paint and Posca pencils, Opake One uses his personal graffiti style to write song lyrics by hand, relating to each work. All of the artist's paintings are original mixed media pieces. They were all created by hand and finished with epoxy resin. The artist's works are currently exhibited in several galleries in England.