Technique: Oil

Panichini was born in Puerto Montt, Chile in 1961.

Very early in his life, he discovered an interest in drawing, which later led him to painting. Quickly, he was complimented for his skill in drawing and for the simplicity of his compositions. It was at the age of 12 that he began learning watercolor and oil painting. At the age of 18, he began studying at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago and gradually began to make his reputation. The Chilean press praises his work, already exhibited in prestigious galleries and found in numerous private collections.

He arrived in Montreal in 1990, ready to take on new challenges and, like a true impressionist, it was through urban scenes that he found his inspiration. His rich and vigorous brushwork is the great characteristic of his work.

Individual exhibitions
1993 - Casa de Arte Pablo Urzua, Santiago, Chile
1992 - Concordia University, Montreal, QC
1989 - La fachada del corregidor, Santiago, Chile


1988 - Excellence Award VI National Art Competition, Valdivia y su rio, Validivia, Chile
1987 - Finalist, Pintando Providencia, competition, Santiago, Chile
1986 - Second place Award of Excellence, Cultural Program “ International Youth's Year ” Santiago, Chile