Technique: Acrylic and oil pastel

Sophie Paquet, painter

Sophie Paquet was born in Sherbrooke in 1963. From a young age, she was strongly attracted to the arts, a passion passed on to her by her father, who was an architect-decorator and a great art lover. This initial contact having made its way, the young woman decided to enroll in visual arts at the Cégep de Ste-Foy. She will then complete her training in visual arts at Laval University. With a bachelor's degree in hand, she decided to perfect her knowledge by pursuing studies in graphic design. His extensive knowledge in the field of visual arts led him very early on to find his favorite mediums, which are acrylic and oil pastel.

His style is clearly instinctive and spontaneous. The artist takes immense pleasure in abandoning himself to the creativity of the moment and letting himself be transported into a world of abundant colors. With energy and dynamism, the passion for creation is felt in each brushstroke and the enthusiastic movements make the flowers dance with brilliance and joy of life. Although very spontaneous, Sophie Paquet's works are the result of long research where the sense of composition and the balance of motifs are omnipresent. Through his paintings, we definitely feel his love for art and creation which is communicated through a fresh light, filled with youth in constant renewal.

Sophie Paquet has exhibited regularly since 1989.