Technique Mixte

Kelly Paterson, painter

Kelly Paterson was born in Montreal in 1960 and now lives in Repentigny. In order to perfect her painting practice, she took courses at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. She is an artist fully devoted to her art who imposes an exemplary discipline on herself, that of painting on a daily basis. She is inspired by nature which never ceases to amaze her in all its beauty and complexity, with its colors, shapes and movements. Kelly Paterson mainly paints flowers in bright colors and multiple textures through which she expresses the emotion of the moment.

According to the artist, it is the light in the work that matters. In his paintings, this light is sometimes discreet, sometimes sustained, it imposes itself or insinuates itself. For Kelly Paterson, expressing herself with color is a story of endless creation that is renewed according to her inspiration and her evolution. The artist creates his paintings with passion and above all taking into account the challenge represented by the expression of emotion as yet unexpressed, unexplored.
Kelly Paterson has participated in several symposia in Montreal and Quebec and in 2011, she was selected to exhibit at the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris.