Technique: Oil

Alonso Pereira was born in Colombia and now lives in Costa Rica.

He followed several private lessons under the tutelage of great painters such as: Giangrandi, Liliana Ramos and Guillermo Porras. Today, his work focuses on the representation of female faces through which he does not seek to imitate models with an eye for detail, but rather to evoke their characteristics. In the works of Alonso Pereira, we find idealized young women, with defined features that emerge from an abstract background. Stains, lines, signs and colored planes interact on the surface, blend with the faces, and are superimposed on them. The artist's paintings transport the viewer into an imagination with varied shapes and textures that he can interpret in multiple ways.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2006 - Old San José, Joaquin Garcia Monge Gallery
  • 2004 - Theater 1887 Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Costa Rica
  • 2003 - INA, Hacienda Museum

Collective exhibitions 

  • 2006 - Valuarte, Costa Rica
  • 2004 - Melico Salazar Theater, Costa Rica
  • 2003 - Legislative Assembly, Costa Rica
  • 2002 - Country Club, Costa Rica
  • 1997 - National Exhibition, Bogota, Colombia
  • 1996 - Local exhibition, Bogota, Colombia

Honorary awards

  • 2006 - Valuarte, Honorable Mention
  • 2003 - Second prize in the Country Scenes Competition, Guapiles, Costa Rica