Technique: Pottery, porcelain, raku

Louise Phaneuf lives in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec.

From adolescence, she became interested in ceramics and particularly pottery, then she offered ceramic workshops at the playground in her municipality. Louise Phaneuf, in addition to having been trained by internationally renowned artisans including Robin Hopper, holds a doctorate in education from Laval University in Quebec and a master's degree in communication from UQÀM in Montreal.

The artisan now devotes herself full time to her two passions: ceramics and writing. Moreover, several of his youth novels and children's books have been published in the last ten years and two are to be published in 2013, including a collection of short stories. Every year for the past 10 years, Louise Phaneuf has traveled to Victoria, British Columbia, to take ceramic workshops at MISSA, a summer school founded by the famous Robin Hopper. In 2007, she participated in a Raku and pottery workshop at Meridiana Certaldo, an International Center for Ceramic Art located in the heart of Tuscany. Several nationally and internationally recognized ceramists teach different techniques there.

Louise Phaneuf's production is divided into two categories. In the Beauchamp art galleries, she presents her animal sculptures made of porcelain and most of the time fired using the Raku method, a Japanese technique dating from the 16th century. This technique consists of cooking the pieces at low temperature and subjecting them to thermal shock. This ancestral method leaves a smoky cracked effect on his sculptures.

Louise Phaneuf has participated in several exhibitions and craft fairs. She is a member of the Quebec Ceramists Association as well as the Potters Council of America.