Technique: Oil

André Pleau, painter André Pleau was born in Trois-Rivières (Quebec) in 1950.

Self-taught, he developed his artistic personality in a unique way. A colorful painter, he has remarkable intensity. Through spontaneous, daring and above all very powerful gestures, this artist transposes this strength and vitality which inhabits him through his pictorial work. A lover of nature, his subjects bear witness to the passion he has for it. He will be described more as a colorist painter rather than sober and moderate.

His agility in blending colors with the spatula allows him to create harmonious effects, while exploiting the unpredictable side of this approach. Depending on the theme, reliefs are created by superpositions of colors. However, no work escapes its final treatment which consists of marking the oil impastoes with broad strokes with a spatula. This is a form of ingenuity which contributes to individualizing the creative universe of this artist.

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  • Desjardins credit unions
  • United States Consulate, Montreal
  • The Andrew Group, England
  • Quebecor Group, Montreal
  • Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa
  • Rexfor from Quebec
  • Société Générale de Financement
  • Chem Action Inc
  • Middleton Graphics, ON
  • JCR Consulting Group
  • La Capitale Assurances, Quebec
  • Merck Frost Canada Company
  • Dale-Parizeau LM
  • and many others


  • 2001- Honorary President, La Fenêtre Arts Access Center for Disabled People
  • 1996 - Second Prize, Trois-Rivières Symposium, QC