Technique: Acrylic

Elene Porter, painter

Elene Porter holds a bachelor's degree in graphic communications from Laval University in Quebec. She specializes in medical illustration and has worked for 20 years in the field of teaching in the health network. She also obtained a diploma in graphic arts from Sheridan College in Toronto.

Her pictorial approach is inspired by her profession as an illustrator, in the sense that she merges current digital graphic tools, for preparatory work, with those of traditional painting to render everything on canvas. At the beginning of the creative process, Porter creates digital sketches to guide the composition of his works. In front of the screen, she plays with volumes, superimposes images and adjusts colors. Then, facing the canvas, the artist favors the “Alla prima” technique which allows more spontaneity and thanks to which the undercoat and glazing steps are eliminated. In our galleries, she exhibits magnificent close-up flowers as well as animal portraits with pop art influences, created with impasto and strong brushstrokes that give volume and movement. We delight in the suppleness of the features combined with bright colors.