Technique: Sculpture on bronze and clay

Born in Lac St-Jean, Joël Prévost left Quebec in 1977 and undertook a pilgrimage that lasted 9 years during which he acquired solid training allowing him to teach Latin American dances and perform contemporary dance. At the same time, he is deepening his training in community development by continuing his studies and research in human relations and personal growth. Following his wanderings, he settled in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, in 1986, where he remained for two decades before settling in Montreal in 2006.

In 1994, Joël began sculpting clay. His understanding of human anatomy acquired through dance infuses his works with a fluidity emphasizing the beauty of the human in its movements. His works quickly reached a national reputation and today, his work can be seen almost everywhere in Canada, the United States, France, New Zealand, Australia as well as China. For Joël, the body is an instrument projecting images and feelings through a series of linked poses; his work attempts to fix these images and feelings in clay by capturing the moment.

His interest in enamels led him to ceramics, with which he put his alchemist instincts to good use. He develops new combinations of minerals and metal oxides allowing him to explore more contemporary avenues. Indeed, although applying the sensitivity that inhabits him to the raw material of clay and the resulting forms are close to Japanese tradition, Joël transcends the genre through his innovative treatment of enamels. He therefore knew how to evolve as an artist as a sculptor and ceramist.

In 2009 he founded L'atelier de sculpture du Village. A true school of sculpture made up of different spaces dedicated to clay sculpture, cooking, the development of new enamels, and the study of anatomy with models, this place allows students and apprentices to deepen their skills. knowledge and creativity under the guidance of Joël.