Technique : Mixed

Agnès Robin, painter Born in 1963 in the Paris suburbs, artist Agnès Robin has lived in Quebec for more than 30 years, working in her home studio creating her favorite subjects: portraits!

A professional reconsideration will lead him to undertake a solo world tour, which will rekindle his passion for art. After a DEC in Presentation Design accompanied by 2 excellence scholarships and following different work experiences in
decor workshops, her need to create and independence will push her to found her
own company ''Artifiss''.

Always interested in painting, her job will make her rediscover this passion. She began producing artistic acrylic paintings on a self-taught basis, while exploring various mediums (collages, felt-tip pens, pastels, etc.). If collage was part of her explorations, it is not part of the hyperrealist works that she presents at the Beauchamp galleries.

Artistic painting now takes an important place in his life and the artist participates in numerous collective and solo exhibitions as well as certain symposia (Mtl en arts) and international Art Festivals (Seattle, Singapore). She is also represented in several galleries in various cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Berthierville and Quebec.