Technique: Photo assembly on metal

Born in Nouvelle-Beauce, in 1983, in Saint-Isidore.

She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and very quickly developed her resourcefulness and her taste for art, observing the exhibitions presented at their art gallery and listening to her parents' conversations with many artists.

At 15, Marjorie discovered her passion for photography, which at the time was film.

Not inclined to follow conventions to the letter, she creates a space of freedom in order to better develop her art. It goes beyond the scope of standard wildlife photography. The artist tells a story with his geese and invents enigmatic passages. His graphic or abstract compositions provide strong emotions.

Like the geese that return every year, she names her photographic assemblages by the date and time of the end of their creation.


“To this day, her favorite theme is the bestiary against a landscape background and she is particularly fascinated by the flights of geese. She draws her inspiration from it to express movement and immediacy. Figuration takes precedence in this work, but the artist modifies her images at will, their treatment benefiting from the innumerable possibilities of digitization where she can reach the point of abstraction. To illustrate this fact, shots taken in a field, near his childhood home, more than five years ago, allowed him to capture on digital media flights of thousands of migrating geese. However, from the real image of a magical spectacle taking place in the middle of nature, she seeks to obtain an enigmatic composition, even a mysterious universe. To achieve these ends, she manipulates her images through the play of superpositions and creates layers and effects of blur or subdued light, fading of colors, until the result gives her a vivid emotion. This is the decisive moment. Sometimes, natural elements are transfigured like these oversized grasses revealing strange ghostly shapes raising the horizon line. These transformed flights of geese both captivate and intrigue us. The magic happens. Through his photographic treatment, the artist blurs reality to create an illusion. Reality becomes fiction. His work then speaks to us of movement, shadow play, light and transparency, contrasts and color saturations, depth of field. When she has her images printed on brushed metal, the whites reveal the striations of the support and shimmering effects are superimposed varying depending on the angle of observation. Here, everything is movement, thereby joining the symbolism linked to the geese and their migratory journey evoking the passage of time..."

© Thérèse Labbé, art historian, June 18, 2019

Awards and mentions

  • 2019 - Prize of the MRC de la Nouvelle-Beauce, Chaudière-Appalaches in Works
  • 2018 - 3rd place Exquisite QC Competition and Favorite Prize
  • 2013 - Mention from the jury, Public Prize, Desjardins competition of the Marius Barbeau Museum
  • 2012 - Mention of the jury in the Desjardins competition of the Marius Barbeau Museum