Technique Mixte

Miri Rozenvain, painter

Miri Rozenvain was born in 1998. This very young artist grew up in a family of artists who always encouraged her to develop her skills for the arts and creation. For as long as she can remember, nature and wild animals have always been her primary source of inspiration.

Creating nature scenes where the animal is in the spotlight, Miri renders her subjects with a vibrant and animated energy. In the background, she creates an abstract play with lots of texture effects and darker, earthy colors. There are several contrasting touches of bright colors which will take shape around the animal. There are even a few small stones of raw granite which recall the natural habitat of its subjects. Subtly, we see the features of these animals appear, as if they came directly from the woods to come to meet us. Surprised, calm, gentle, they meet us with their gaze and create a warm contact.

A young woman at the very beginning of a promising career, Miri is an artist who paints with freedom and spontaneity to breathe life and rhythm into her paintings. The Beauchamp galleries have the honor of exhibiting his very first works.