Technique Mixte
Sandy Bee, painter

Born in 1994, Sandra Wallin, known as Sandy Bee, grew up in an environment where culture and art were in profusion, in the heart of the Finnish archipelago. Once her baccalaureate in hand, she decided to go to Paris to continue her studies in textile design at Olivier de Serres ENSAAMA in 2017. It was there that her interest in painting was born under the supervision and advice of her teachers. . After her textile training, she decided to devote herself entirely to painting. She began to experiment and create works in a self-taught manner in her studio, in the suburbs of Paris. Drawing inspiration from his life in Paris, his sensitivity and his creative freedom, Sandy will begin to depict everyday situations captured in the metro and in the street. Its goal is to raise hidden messages from our life, our environment and our society.

His greatest sources of inspiration are Keith Haring, Jean Dubuffet and David Hockney. Sandy's style is childish, banal, striking and easily recognizable. Sandy likes to call her style Sandyism: her colors are bordered by contours which are then invaded by stratified lines in several thicknesses. Many different colors and shapes emanate from his paintings. The artist thus creates a playground in which she gives herself the opportunity to play with symbols and codes already established. She paints what she experiences, what she sees in particular, her life and those around her.


  • Art Bank, Finland
  • Nisse Holm, Finland
  • Tom Baerland, Norway
  • Catherine Mausset, France

Individual exhibitions

  • 2018 - Galerie À Deux Pas du Sacre, Reims, France
  • 2018 - ELO Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2017 - Art Bank Finland, Pargas, Finland
  • 2016 - Art Bank Finland, Pargas, Finland

Collective exhibitions

  • 2019 - George Pompidou Center, Paris, France
  • 2019 - Art Bank Finland, Pargas, Finland
  • 2018 - Art Bank Finland, Pargas, Finland