Technique: Oil

Photo in black and white of Serge Santarelli painting a new artwork Serge Santarelli is a French painter born in Chambéry in 1954. Coming from the impressionist tradition, he likes to paint in situations to capture the changing light effects coming from the different places that inspire him. It's a way for him to highlight the regions that he loves and that he wishes to reveal to us through his vision. Following this tradition, he works in oil with lively gestures, modulating the color to recreate lights and shapes in a way that suggests the scenes.

A self-taught artist, Santarelli practices a range of themes such as urban scenes and non-figurative paintings. His touch allows him to concentrate on a more abstract work of form and color while evoking the urban landscapes that have marked his life.

Serge Santarelli has been painting for 50 years and is one of the independent artists of Paris, the Société Lyonnaise des beaux-arts as well as the Société savoisienne des beaux-arts. The artist has also participated in numerous international fairs which have awarded him several awards over the years.