Technique Mixte

Raphaëlle Séguin, painter

Raphaëlle Séguin was born in Montreal, Quebec. Since she was very young, she has enjoyed doodling, crafting and painting. She studied visual arts at Collège Lionel-Groulx, then obtained a diploma in presentation design from the CÉGEP du Vieux-Montréal. Passionate about the world of visual arts and graphics, she is mainly fascinated by faces. For her, they are the most effective tool for communicating. She draws inspiration from everything around her to create her characters, especially the different faces of the people she meets on her path. She likes to play with a wide range of shapes, volumes and colors in order to create a singular universe and a unique personality to the faces that inhabit her works. She loves adding a playful touch to certain portraits which sometimes have more serious features. It tries to offer spectators a breath of fresh air, a moment of madness and lightness and aims to make them smile. For her, the practice of painting is a visceral need. Each of his paintings is created with the greatest pleasure and happiness. This state of well-being allows her total abandonment in a world where she imposes no constraints or limits on herself.

She is constantly looking to advance her work. His art can be described as follows: humorous, candid, colorful, naive, introspective and playful. What he likes is that each person makes their own reading of the faces to which they are exposed.