Technique: Mixed on canvas and aluminum

Mélanie Simard, painter

Mélanie Simard was born in 1975 in Boischatel, near Quebec. From the age of nine, Mélanie began studying various techniques, but after years of experience, acrylic paint became the artist's preferred medium.

Simard is already known for her still lifes under the name "Mélan". However, she wanted to explore new horizons as an artist. His need to deepen his knowledge encourages him to try new experiments with different mediums. It is precisely this research that brings her into contact with the cold and rigid material that is aluminum. This will mark the beginning of a series of tests and mixes of materials, colors and themes.

The artist therefore begins by using aluminum foil on a textured canvas. In this new environment, metallic material takes on a second life. She then uses this new element in its raw form via a more direct approach. Using aluminum plates, she does not hesitate to sand or scratch them in order to bring out surprising textures and effects. Always adding the vibrant palette of colors she is known for.

This spirit of mixing techniques and approaches translates into artistic carelessness. Throughout the Simard series, we find works that explore color harmonies, original media and sometimes popular themes. With a combination of his thoughts and emotions, written in simple words, his pieces by Simard make us more aware of the time, life and space around us.

Media coverage

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