Technique: Mixed on wood

Shawn Skeir, painter

Shawn Skeir is a Toronto based artist who has been well established across Canada for over 20 years. His paintings, murals and drawings are found in private residences, offices and hotels as well as in magazines, advertisements and fashion articles. Over the years, the artist has built a solid reputation in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

His works are often designed using a multitude of multi-colored geometric lines that give both a sense of order and disorder. The background colors mixed together in an abstract way give an impression of fluidity and spontaneity, while the hyper-precise lines that build on top are created with great attention to detail. With this elaborate technique, he combines different optical effects that he obtains based on color theory.

In his Weaving Landscapes series, Skeir has developed a new approach to juxtaposing layers of color that he meticulously creates to give an effect that is as meditative as it is energizing.

This recent series was inspired by a trip he took to Greece and Switzerland. Evoking the natural beauties of these landscapes and the vibrant colors found there, he wanted to highlight the marked contrasts between the high peaks of the Alps and the vast horizons of the Aegean Sea. Thus, thanks to his clever choice of colors and his own technique of lines, he was able to convey to the viewer a vivid sensation of grandeur and depth.