Technique: Oil

Josep Teixido, painter

Josep Teixido was born in 1956 in Calella, Barcelona, ​​and currently resides in Vilassar de Mar, also in the province of Barcelona in Spain. He has been exhibiting for over 25 years in Spain and France.

With its warm colors, its unique spatula style and its exotic frescoes that make you dream, it instantly captures the attention of the viewer, who lets themselves be taken on a journey of the senses. Always playing with our perception, subtly oscillating between the figurative and the abstract, Josep transports us to fabulous lands that evoke his native country. His works are like a moment frozen in time, capturing on the spot all the richness of climatic and light phenomena. His virtuosity lies precisely in this ability to convey to us the magnificence and dazzling which reign under the sun in the kingdom of Catalonia.

With its bright colors, meticulously spread out, resembling a geometric prism capturing the entire light spectrum, it knows how to seduce the viewer's eye by offering it its own poetic vision of the world. Life resonates, sensations emerge, thoughts are transported, time slows down and every detail is felt, thus making the connection between the work and the viewer complete.

The artist rightly sees himself as an abstract impressionist, with influences as diverse as Michelangelo, Velazquez, Van Gogh and Cézanne, whom he is particularly fond of.

Nature and my surroundings are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. I listen, I observe, I let myself be carried away by the music of the waves in Cadaques, by the subtle vibrations of light on the snow-capped mountain peaks, by the attitudes of men and women captured in their daily lives. A lover of life and deeply optimistic, I work in a contrasting palette of green and orange, blue and yellow, white and gray, without ever touching black... I like to paint with a spatula, in creating luminous gradients of each detail of the subject, hoping to tame this fleeting and omnipresent light that the splendid nature offers us every day. » J.Teixido