Luc Tessier's artistic approach is centered on the creation of optical illusions and hypnotic sensations that captivate spectators. To do this, he uses a variety of tools and technologies to create elaborate visual effects, often characterized by vibrant colors, rhythms and psychedelic patterns. This artistic approach aims to immerse the audience in a captivating and stimulating visual world.

Regarding his technique, Luc Tessier works mainly in the field of digital art, acrylic and mixed media. He combines different methods and mediums to achieve the visual effects he seeks in his works.

In terms of training, Luc Tessier is an autodidact in art. However, he has a background in music and photography. His passion for the visual arts pushed him to become a multidisciplinary artist, and since 2011 he has devoted himself mainly to painting.

Luc Tessier was born in 1960 in Drummondville, which gave him a solid foundation for his artistic career.

Regarding his exhibitions, the artist is represented in professional art galleries in Quebec, and he has to his credit numerous solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, the United States and in South Korea. This shows the international scope of his artistic work.

Finally, the works of Luc Tessier are part of private collections in North America, and some of his works are also present in public collections, such as that of the Bureau de la ville de Longueuil. In addition to his artistic commitment, the artist is also involved in social causes and donates his works to foundations close to his heart, which demonstrates his commitment to the community and social issues.