Technique Mixte

Born in 1965, in California, Tommy studied art history at Santa Monica College and then pursued studies in architecture and interior design. However, he felt that something was missing, and this feeling accompanied him for several years. Knowing his strengths and interests well, he was often attracted to the creative world. His strong passion for aesthetics and beauty has led him to explore several fields, including high-end furniture design and goldsmithing. Over the years, Tommy became a renowned interior designer, working on major projects for the rich and famous.

It was only in recent years that he felt the need to further explore his creative spirit. THE pop art by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Mars has always been a big influence for him. As he grew up in California, Mexican culture had its effect on his choice of color palette. All these sources of inspiration encouraged him to use recycled wood and several other materials with which he had already worked in the past. His idea was to find his own way and come up with something unique.

His diverse experiences in recent years, combined with his original vision of design, quickly brought recognition for his pictorial work. It was also a confirmation for him that he was on the right track. “ If I had lived this life without ever painting, what a tragic life it would have been. »

Today, Tommy feels that he has found his place and that his art evolves in step with the rhythm of his life. The more his creations take shape, the more ideas flow. He became addicted to this new form of creation and expression. With his highly contemporary works reflecting his influences pop art , Tommy presents us with scenes that are both nostalgic and imbued with authenticity. Thanks to his use of bold colors, unusual materials and subjects reminiscent of the great icons of the 20th century, the “vintage” touch has truly become his trademark.