Technique: Acrylic

Steve Tracy, painter

Steve Tracy is a Canadian artist born in California in 1953. It was after discovering his passion for art with a set of second-hand oil paints that the artist began his artistic education at the School of Visuals Arts from New York. During this period, Tracy will meet personalities like Lennon, Yoko Ono and Warhol in the Soho district. He will subsequently develop his skills in sculpture, design and drawing at the Institute of Fine Art in Colorado. The artist is also a member of the Denver Art Student league as a student and instructor.

Steve Tracy's varied output includes a multitude of styles, but he is primarily recognized for his Canadian landscapes and depictions of sports, particularly skiers. His work is easily recognizable by its vibrant color palette, this interest in color comes from his experiences living in California and Hawaii. His artistic influences come from artists like Deborah Remington and Lowel Nesbitt, who remind him of his studies in New York. His landscapes are inspired by Canadian Grand Masters like Jack Chambers and the Group of Seven.

Steve Tracy is the recipient of several awards in the different artistic fields in which he practices, including an Emmy Award for his role as artistic director in the film Dawns Early Light. The artist has also worked for several renowned companies such as MATTE World and IMAX. Steve Tracy's work is presented all over the world and his art has been requested by numerous corporations such as Atari, Apple, Bank of America, The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (The Artist's Portrait), Cirque du Soleil, Farhi Holdings Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, The London Hunt and Country Club and MAC World.