Colors, creativity and fantasy have always been Colette Falardeau's way of life since her childhood. Having studied fashion design in 1980, she worked as a fashion illustrator for more than 10 years in the fashion industry in Montreal. This work led her to travel numerous times. Driven by the growing desire to live in an increasingly creative world, the artist decided to leave the fashion industry to launch her own clothing collection. Thus was born a new line of children's clothing bearing the brand 'Cé Qui ça'? The doors of his workshop-boutique will be open for several years.

Over time, the need to paint took more and more space in the artist's life. Her paintings began to spark persuasive interest, which led her to her first art gallery in 2002. A self-taught painter, she immersed herself in exploring the medium, discovering the mode of expression she would be linked forever.

The artist joined other galleries across the country and devoted herself full time to her art. Well known for her characters with luscious shapes, perhaps out of nostalgia, some of the characters who had marked her childhood began to appear in her paintings. She let herself be guided by the playful desire to add a touch of Pop Art to her fanciful universe.

Since then, Falardeau has been transported by the immense privilege of bringing to life on canvas the colorful characters who inhabit her.