Technique: Oil

Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1956, Marius Zabin currently resides in France.

At a very young age, Zabin began painting and drawing. After finishing the General Education High School, he entered the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts where he studied fine arts conservation. But he will, however, remain more passionate about painting and drawing. At the age of 25, after 4 years of study, the difficult political situation in his country forced him to emigrate to France. This period is critical and the artist must support himself; he therefore agreed to work as a conservator and restorer of paintings. This path that he then takes will bring him invaluable knowledge and extraordinary know-how. This occupation will not prevent the artist from painting and exhibiting at the same time.

In his paintings, Zabin emphasizes light and atmosphere, without forgetting detail. He creates with spontaneity, which gives his paintings freshness and authenticity. Depending on the subject, he likes to give more importance to an element, whether it be water, light or the environment.

Since 1978, he has participated in a large number of exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States.