Technique: Mixed

Pierre Bouchard, painter Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, Pierre Bouchard lives and works in Baie-St-Paul. He studied advertising design and cartooning. A versatile artist who spent nearly 18 years in Quebec City, he is also an author and illustrator of comics and fanzines.

Pierre Bouchard also created a few animated films. Alongside these practices, he became interested in current art and began to create works in a self-taught manner. He became known in 2002 with a first exhibition at the Galerie Rouje where he presented his series signed Pierre Bouchard. Through this body of work, he explores classic themes inspired by his daily life: nature, birds, fish, fruits and hockey. Although his subjects are rather traditional, their rendering is current, refined and the colors bright. In a spontaneous gesture, the painter combines aerosol-painted words with his images, the result of which can evoke an advertising poster.

There is also Newjoecool, another identity through which the painter expresses himself. Coming from the discovery of graffiti in 2008 and driven by the desire to express oneself with this language, Newjoecool plays in its own way with the codes of this artistic movement. With this collection, he launched into the production of promotional objects. His clothing line and other derivative products arouse the interest of a new audience in his works. On the other hand, its production of works strengthens the marketing of derivative products. At first glance, one might believe in two impermeable and distinct types of production, but this is not the case. We would even dare to say that these two series balance each other like yin and yang. Newjoecool somehow vandalizes a certain serenity; that of the comfort of the works in his Pierre Bouchard collection, shouting as he passes: ''It's not serious! ''. On the other hand, at Newjoecool, the code of graffiti which should aggressively express an opinion is suddenly hijacked by its cute and harmless subjects. The artist therefore develops the two signatures in parallel and derives a lot of satisfaction in the process.