Technique: Acrylic and collage

André Schirmer was born in 1942 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Schirmer is a designer, graphic designer, illustrator and painter. He studied at the Montreal School of Fine Arts in 1967. In his pictorial work, he is inspired by the excitement of big cities, the movement of light which touches urban landscapes, its buildings and its passers-by. It is more particularly urban night life that fascinates him.

He presents in our galleries a series of large portraits and urban scenes depicting very elegant and stylized women. In his paintings with very lively compositions, we sometimes find, in the form of collage, motifs and writings taken from clippings from magazines and newspapers. His calligraphic line, both spontaneous and controlled, sometimes recalls fashion design. His very visible gestures and his penchant for bright and saturated colors give character and personality to his works. In short, André Shirmer is a master in the art of refinement and the effect of movement.

He has exhibited his work several times in Canada and the United States.

Public collections

  • Avmor, Montreal
  • Du Maurier-Impérial-Tobacco, Montreal
  • La Presse newspaper, Montreal
  • Magil Construction, Montreal
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal
  • Bell Canada, Montreal
  • Montreal Airport

Media coverage

  • Magazin'Art, fall 2010 edition, p.84-87