Technique: Oil

Coming from a family of Peruvian painters, Pablo Munoz benefited from this environment of talent and knowledge at a very young age.

After experiencing prosperity in Cuzco, Peru, the family emigrated to the capital, Lima, a few years ago. According to Pablo, his ancestors worked alongside famous Spanish painters; invited to Peru by the Spanish elite, the latter participated in the construction of religious works intended to spread the word of God.

A student at the Cuzco School of Fine Arts, Pablo Munoz perfected his technique there, a so-called classical technique whose refinement was achieved after several centuries of learning. In the same way that he learned, Pablo Munoz now passes on his knowledge to his eldest son Juan Pablo, who, while freeing himself from his master, is already asserting himself on the international artistic scene.

Most of his exhibitions took place in his hometown, Cuzco, where the artist continues to distinguish himself and where each of his exhibitions provokes enthusiasm and fascination.

The most prestigious collections of paintings in Peru include among their works those of Pablo Munoz. The latter are also the object of desire among major collectors in the United States, Canada and Europe.