Technique: Mixed

Barak Rozenvain, painter

Born into a family of artists, Barak Rozenvain was immersed in a creative environment very early on. The long hours he spent in his parents' workshop observing them had a strong impact on him. During his youth, he often accompanied them to exhibitions held in Europe and North America and took the opportunity to visit museums and cultural places in each city. Being greatly attracted by the arts in general, Barak is particularly interested in Pop Art and to 20th century abstract painting, admiring artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Mark Rothko.

Inspired by the great beauty of nature that surrounds him in Whistler, Canada, where he lives, this young artist enjoys reproducing his favorite skiing and mountain scenes. Abstract impressionism meets great Canadian beauties with a touch of Pop Art to add a breath of fresh air. Both sculptural and powerful, his works are undeniably imbued with life.